Beginner Surf Lessons on Maui – 9 Useful Tips For First Timers

Are you ready to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui?

First time surfers are definitely in for a treat. Whether or not you’ve tried out other water sports before, the first time you learn how to get comfortable on your board is guaranteed to be an amazing experience!

If surfing is something you’ve always wanted to try, don’t hesitate to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui sooner rather than later! And if you were wondering about the tips and tricks experienced instructors offer their first time students, here are 9 of the most useful ones you should remember.

Beginner Surfing Lessons Maui

1. Never attempt to learn to surf by yourself

Is this your first surfing experience? It’s always best to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui with an experienced instructor. This way, you’ll avoid hurting yourself or injuring others and you’ll avoid getting used to the wrong surfing techniques.

2. Be safe and use a surf leash at all times

Surf leashes are not just a trend. They’re an important part of your surfing equipment and it’s important to use one at all times in order to stay safe in the water.

3. Warm up before you begin your surfing lessons and go in the water

It’s recommended that you warm up before your surfing experience. Do some stretching exercises in order to decrease the chances of getting a muscle cramp right when the action happens.

4. Always check your equipment before entering the water

Make sure everything is in order and check your board, your leash, your costume and so on before you enter the water. You need to be 100% safe and avoid any possible risk for injury.

5. Tackle beginner waves at first

Everyone understands how “cool” it is to surf tall waves. However, if you booked beginner surf lessons on Maui, you should stick to beginner waves as per your teacher’s instructions. Calmer, steadier waves will make the learning process smoother.

6. Don’t get in the way of experienced surfers

One of the most important unwritten rules of surfing is to avoid getting in your fellow surfers’ way. It’s never OK to “steal” someone else’s wave and, as a beginner, it’s best to avoid venturing out on your own since you’re more prone to making more mistakes.

7. Being in shape is not a requirement, but it helps

You don’t need to be in tip top shape to learn how to surf. However, it helps if you’re used to making an effort. Paddling, swimming and attempting to keep your balance throughout your surfing session can turn out to be exhausting.

8. Avoid pushing yourself the first times

Definitely book your beginner surf lessons on Maui, but try not to push yourself too hard the first times. If you’re tired or feel your muscles are sore, it’s best to step away from you board and pick up where you left off the next day.

9. Have fun learning how to surf!

If you’re not having fun during your beginner surf lessons on Maui, you’re doing something wrong. Surfing is supposed to be enjoyable. Make sure you’re safe, relax and listen to your instructor. You should start feeling the fun in no time!