Maui Surfing Lessons FAQs

Are surfing lessons necessary?

For anyone wondering if surfing lessons are necessary, the answer is yes. Surfing is one of the hardest sports in the world and unless you start at a very young age or grow up by the beach surfing then surf lessons are a must. In just a few lessons you can learn propped surfing etiquette and how to read the waves. Also, you will learn what size board to start out on which is one of the most important factors when learning to surf.

During your lesson, depending on how experienced your surf instructor is, you can ask him many questions that would take years to learn on your own. Save yourself the hassle and get a lesson. Just make sure your instructor is experienced with 20 years of surfing under his or her belt.

Are surfing lessons worth it?

Surfing lessons are worth their weight in gold. You can learn many tips and shortcuts that take the average hard headed person that refuses to take lessons years to learn. Put your pride aside and go take a lesson. Make sure that your surf instructor has plenty of knowledge and at least 20 years of surfing experience.

There are a lot of bad surf instructors out there who have no business teaching. Do your research and pick someone who has experience.

Do I need surfing lessons?

Yes, you definitely need surfing lessons. Surfing is one of the most difficult sports in the world and it can be very complicated if you do not take a lesson. Learning which spots are safe for beginners is a key factor. Also, starting out with the right equipment is very important.

Make sure you find a surf instructor with plenty of experience and remember not to start out on to short of a surfboard.

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Do you need surfing lessons?

Yes, you do need to take surf lessons. Trying to learn how to surf on your own can be very difficult and also a hazard to yourself and other people in the lineup. Surfers can also be very territorial so it is important to know which breaks are user-friendly for beginners. Depending on where you are in the world you may or may not need a wetsuit. Also depending on what kind of break you are surfing you may need different equipment.

All of these variables and questions you may have can be answered in one or two surf lessons. It is very important to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible before you decide to try and surf alone. Make sure that your surf instructor has at least 20 years of experience.

Do you tip for surfing lessons?

Tipping is always a nice bonus for a surf instructor. Depending on the quality of your surf lesson and how much valuable information was given to you. Remember trying to get all this info on your own would take years of surfing and earning respect. So take care of your surf instructor.

How many surfing lessons do I need?

I believe that you can never take enough surf lessons. Even the world’s best professionals have coaches that surf with them and also take video of their sessions. After the session, they sit and watch a video, and break down their form and ways that they can improve. If you have a world class surf instructor he should be able to give you feedback no matter how good you get.

If you are surfing with a pro and have the money to keep getting lessons, then I highly recommend doing it. You will continue to improve your skills at a much faster rate!

How much are surfing lessons?

Surfing lessons can range anywhere from $50 per person to $220 per person depending on where you are in the world and who is teaching you to surf.

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How much are surfing lessons in Hawaii?

Surfing lessons in Hawaii can range anywhere between $50 dollars per person all the way to $220 per person depending on which island you are on and who is giving you the lesson.

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How much do surfing lessons cost in Maui?

Surf lessons in Maui cost anywhere from $75 per person to $220 per person depending on which school you choose and the caliber of the surf instructor. Usually the more experience the instructor the more you will pay for a lesson. Don’t go cheap make sure you surf with someone who has at least 20 years of surf experience.

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Expression Session: Zack Howard Longboarding Honolua Bay, Maui HI

Zack Howard riding a Donald Takayama single-fin longboard

Aloha friends family and fans! I wanted to check in to let you know what’s been happening this last week.

I got to go to my favorite surf spot and film a couple days riding my single-fin longboard. It’s been a while since I’ve done a video clip of me surfing and I am very proud that we were able to capture some awesome footage.

Over the last several years I’ve pretty much been only short-boarding the bay. Just this year I decided to dust off my single-fin longboard. I’ve been having the best time! After all, I was discovered by Oxbow at 15 years old longboarding in Malibu. That discovery led to a long relationship and LOTS of world travels. It feels really good to make a video and see myself surf again. I think I will start doing a bit more of this.

Other than that, I have been doing a LOT of surf lessons. I’m very happy to coach clients and teach them the ways of the ocean. I plan on working a lot this next year and really focus my energy on surfing lessons.

I hope you enjoy this new video and it motivates some of you to dust off an old longboard and shred!!

What a week it was last week!

Aloha friends family and fans! I’m Just now getting sitting down and catching my breath! What a week it was last week. On Friday, November 11th, I worked in the channel all day running security on my 19 foot Boston Whaler Sentry. I thought it was gonna be just a mellow day in the channel but I really had my work cut out for me! There were about 25 other boats out there that were not supposed to go past a buoy line for safety reasons. The channel can get really dangerous if there are too many boats trying to get a peek and a photo of the world’s best big wave surfers. Needless to say, I had to motor back and forth giving people multiple warnings not to go past the buoy line.

The contest was a great show! The waves were 25-40 feet on the face and the swell just seemed to get better as the day progressed. Maui’s own Billy Kemper took top honors for the men and also from Maui Paige Alms won the woman’s event. Both surfers seemed to be surfing on a completely different level than their competitors! They were charging so hard it was unbelievable. Jaws seems to be the only wave in the world that looks bigger in photos than it does in person!

It was very humbling watching these hard-charging men and women huck themselves over the ledge for a score.
The day after the Peahi challenge I put my boat in the water to keep the sugar cane dust off and ended up catching 2 nice sized Mahi Mahi an Omilu a Uku and a Mu! What a day! Four different kinds of fish and you know we had a little bit of each one!

Maui has been extra special these last few weeks, and there is more magic on the way!