What a week it was last week!

Aloha friends family and fans! I’m Just now getting sitting down and catching my breath! What a week it was last week. On Friday, November 11th, I worked in the channel all day running security on my 19 foot Boston Whaler Sentry. I thought it was gonna be just a mellow day in the channel but I really had my work cut out for me! There were about 25 other boats out there that were not supposed to go past a buoy line for safety reasons. The channel can get really dangerous if there are too many boats trying to get a peek and a photo of the world’s best big wave surfers. Needless to say, I had to motor back and forth giving people multiple warnings not to go past the buoy line.

The contest was a great show! The waves were 25-40 feet on the face and the swell just seemed to get better as the day progressed. Maui’s own Billy Kemper took top honors for the men and also from Maui Paige Alms won the woman’s event. Both surfers seemed to be surfing on a completely different level than their competitors! They were charging so hard it was unbelievable. Jaws seems to be the only wave in the world that looks bigger in photos than it does in person!

It was very humbling watching these hard-charging men and women huck themselves over the ledge for a score.
The day after the Peahi challenge I put my boat in the water to keep the sugar cane dust off and ended up catching 2 nice sized Mahi Mahi an Omilu a Uku and a Mu! What a day! Four different kinds of fish and you know we had a little bit of each one!

Maui has been extra special these last few weeks, and there is more magic on the way!