Maui Surf – 5 Interesting Facts You Should Learn About Surfing

Learning how to catch your first wave or knowing how to choose the right board for a beginner are just a couple of the most important details you should know before embarking on your first Maui surf experience.

But how much do you really know about this sport?

There are many Maui surf facts you’ll probably find interesting if you’re eager to learn how to stand up on a board on your own.

Keep reading to learn 5 of the most interesting Maui surf facts. The more you learn about surfing on the island, the more you’ll love the idea of learning to catch those waves like a pro.

Surfing Maui

1. Maui surf is not just a sport, but an art and a way of life

Once you’ll learn how to master your surfboard, you’ll soon understand that surfing is more than just a sport. It’s an amazing recreational activity that will help you gain a new attitude towards life.

Surfing teaches you discipline and patience. And you’ll gain a newfound respect for the ocean for sure. There’s no going back once you embrace surfing as your favorite hobby.

2. Surfing is one of the most complex sports in the world

Did you know there are myriad beginner surfers who fail to catch a wave for months? Even the most experienced surfers can sometimes wipe-out.

Beginner surfers should not get discouraged if at first the sport seems impossible to learn. Because of the complexity of certain techniques, but also because of the unpredictability of the surfing conditions, hitting the waves can be a complex and challenging experience even for professional surfers.

3. Even the best surfers are always learning: every Maui surf experience is different than the next

Your Maui surf training is not complete once you learn how to stand up on your paddle on your own.

Every single wave is unique. And even if the surfing forecast seems accurate, there’s still a chance the surfing conditions might be different than you initially expected.

And if you thought professional surfers have nothing more to learn, think again. Every wave has a life of its own and that is what makes every Maui surf experience different.

4. Surfers spend little time actually riding the waves

One of the most interesting facts about surfing is the fact that surfers actually spend little time riding the waves. And it all makes sense!

You spend about half the time in the water just paddling. And once you arrive at the perfect spot, you still need to wait for the right wave to come along and catch it. This means you spend a lot of time in the water, but little time actually riding a wave!

5. Maui surf is a sport that has many rules in the water

Just like any other sport, for that matter, surfing has plenty rules every surfer should follow.

Surf ethics are not just a Hawaiian myth. Besides the need to learn how to master your board, you need to learn about and respect all the Maui surf rules. Surfing may not be a competition, but respecting fellow surfers is always a must.

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