Beginner Surf Lessons on Maui – 9 Useful Tips For First Timers

Are you ready to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui?

First time surfers are definitely in for a treat. Whether or not you’ve tried out other water sports before, the first time you learn how to get comfortable on your board is guaranteed to be an amazing experience!

If surfing is something you’ve always wanted to try, don’t hesitate to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui sooner rather than later! And if you were wondering about the tips and tricks experienced instructors offer their first time students, here are 9 of the most useful ones you should remember.

Beginner Surfing Lessons Maui

1. Never attempt to learn to surf by yourself

Is this your first surfing experience? It’s always best to book your beginner surf lessons on Maui with an experienced instructor. This way, you’ll avoid hurting yourself or injuring others and you’ll avoid getting used to the wrong surfing techniques.

2. Be safe and use a surf leash at all times

Surf leashes are not just a trend. They’re an important part of your surfing equipment and it’s important to use one at all times in order to stay safe in the water.

3. Warm up before you begin your surfing lessons and go in the water

It’s recommended that you warm up before your surfing experience. Do some stretching exercises in order to decrease the chances of getting a muscle cramp right when the action happens.

4. Always check your equipment before entering the water

Make sure everything is in order and check your board, your leash, your costume and so on before you enter the water. You need to be 100% safe and avoid any possible risk for injury.

5. Tackle beginner waves at first

Everyone understands how “cool” it is to surf tall waves. However, if you booked beginner surf lessons on Maui, you should stick to beginner waves as per your teacher’s instructions. Calmer, steadier waves will make the learning process smoother.

6. Don’t get in the way of experienced surfers

One of the most important unwritten rules of surfing is to avoid getting in your fellow surfers’ way. It’s never OK to “steal” someone else’s wave and, as a beginner, it’s best to avoid venturing out on your own since you’re more prone to making more mistakes.

7. Being in shape is not a requirement, but it helps

You don’t need to be in tip top shape to learn how to surf. However, it helps if you’re used to making an effort. Paddling, swimming and attempting to keep your balance throughout your surfing session can turn out to be exhausting.

8. Avoid pushing yourself the first times

Definitely book your beginner surf lessons on Maui, but try not to push yourself too hard the first times. If you’re tired or feel your muscles are sore, it’s best to step away from you board and pick up where you left off the next day.

9. Have fun learning how to surf!

If you’re not having fun during your beginner surf lessons on Maui, you’re doing something wrong. Surfing is supposed to be enjoyable. Make sure you’re safe, relax and listen to your instructor. You should start feeling the fun in no time!

The Basics of Reading a Maui Surf Forecast

How familiar are you with reading a Maui surf forecast?

Surf forecasting is a well known process among surfers. It’s a way of using the offshore data in order to predict the conditions of an onshore wave. For meteorologists and other professionals, but especially for surfers, knowing how to read a Maui surf forecast is important.

Although making precise predictions is not always possible, there are still a few factors surfers take into consideration when they need find the perfect wave for their level of experience.

Both beginners, as well as experienced surfers can greatly benefit from knowing how to read a Maui surf forecast. And if you’re wondering what it takes to learn how find the ride wave to tackle, here are a few tips that can help.

Maui Surf Forecasting

The ABC’s of a Maui surf forecast: how to describe a wave

When it comes to learning about a Maui surf forecast, you must learn how to describe a wave first.

Everyone knows that waves aren’t 100% predictable. However, there are a few terms you can use to describe them.

Size – The size of a wave refers to the height measured from from the bottom to the top. Understanding what the swell height and the swell interval are will offer you a pretty accurate idea on how high the waves are and what’s the time between them as they pass by.

Direction – The direction of the wave will simply tell you how it impacts your surf spot. For instance, a surfer would tackle a right breaking wave by going to their right, and vice versa for a left breaking wave.

Power – If you’re just learning how to surf, then a gentle breaking wave is a perfect fit for a beginner. More experienced surfers prefer heavier waves, which is why reading a Maui surf forecast comes in handy if you’re looking for a surfing adventure.

Shape – Hollow, tube shaped or soft spilling waves are very different. Once you learn how to read a surfing forecast, you’ll be able to tell them apart in an instant.

Conditions – Clean waves are easier to ride for surfers. But surface conditions can either be smooth or not, so experiencing a bumpy ride every once in a while isn’t uncommon.

Speed – The speed of a wave predicts how quickly it will break. Of course, the goal of every surfer is to surf a slow breaking wave.

How to read a surfing forecast on Maui for beginners

Learning to read a Maui surf forecast isn’t always easy. But once you understand how to describe a wave, what weather variables create the ideal conditions for surfing, predicting a surf report will become easier.

There are plenty websites you can consult online and learn more details about the Maui surf forecast. And of course, you can always ask our surfing instructors for more details.

Once you understand the few basics of reading a forecast, you’ll be able to easily predict what waves you’d like to tackle next and when is your best chance to ride the kind waves you like to surf.

What Are The Best Surf Conditions on Maui for Beginners

Do you know what are the best surf conditions on Maui for beginners?

There are many factors that influence the quality and the shape of a wave. And in order to learn how to surf or enjoy a great time riding the waves on the island, both beginner and experienced surfers need to learn how to properly read a surf forecast and determine the best surf conditions on Maui for a day of fun under the sun.

Knowing how to find the right wave to tackle can really come in handy. Without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks to help you determine the best surf conditions on Maui and go enjoy your surfing adventure.

Maui Best Surf Conditions

The best surf conditions in Maui are all about the waves

Describing a wave might seem difficult at first, but once you learn the ABCs of surfing, you’ll be able to learn how to read a forecast in no time!

First off, you should know that all waves come in different sizes. They can be “tall” or they can be “small”. Or they can be anywhere in between. The important thing to learn here is how to appreciate the distance between the trough and the lip and realize that no 2 waves are ever alike.

Paying attention to the shape of the wave is also important. Waves can either be hollow or soft. A soft, spilling wave is ideal for beginner surfers to learn how to stand, while a hollow shaped wave represents a fun challenge for more experienced surfers.

Did you think shapes and sizes are the only two ways to describe a wave? Remember that waves also have power.

Ideally, gentle waves are perfect for beginners! But if the surf forecast calls for more stronger waves, experienced surfers may look forward to a challenge.

Learning how to appreciate the surface conditions is important

The size and shape of a wave are definitely important, but so is knowing how to appreciate the surface conditions.

Although clean waves are clearly the best ones to ride, you should know the ideal surface condition is: as smooth as possible.

You should keep in mind, if you’re a beginner surfer, don’t get discouraged if you experience a bumpy ride. It’s all part of the fun!

What makes an ideal surf forecast for beginner surfers in Maui

The best surf conditions on Maui for beginners include a smooth surface, a medium-tall wave that breaks gently as it reaches the shore and spills softly as you maintain your balance.

However, as you can probably imagine, finding the perfect wave for a beginner is impossible!

Don’t get discouraged by this hard fact though!

Although weather variables can change rather quickly, having an experienced surfing instructor by your side is enough to help you learn how to dominate even the most challenging waves.

After all, surfing is more than just a sport. It’s a constant battle to find the perfect wave and catch it! It’s a fun way to spend a day under the sun and the ideal way to live an incredible experience when you’re visiting Maui.

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Learn to Surf in Maui

Are you looking forward to learn to surf in Maui?

Surfing is a very popular sport and many people who come to visit the island plan on taking surfing lessons on Maui.

But even though there are many reasons to learn how to surf, you should know hitting the waves is really, a total body workout! Surfers may seem cool and relaxed, but there are some things you should keep in mind before you decide to learn to surf while o vacation in Maui.

Although it doesn’t look that way, surfing is quite a complex sport. Keep reading to learn about 5 important facts to remember before taking up your first surf lessons on the island.

Maui Learn How to Surf

1. Before you learn to surf in Maui, you should learn how to swim

If this is your first attempt to learn to surf in Maui, basic swimming skills are a must.

There’s no need to be an expert swimmer, but falling off your board and getting wet your first day is to be expected. It’s important that you know how to swim and feel comfortable if you suddenly, get acquainted with the water.

2. Choose the right surfboard for a beginner if this is your first time trying to catch waves

Just like any other sport, it’s important to make sure you have the right equipment. And when it comes to your first time to learn to surf in Maui, choosing the right surfboard can really make a difference.

Expert surfers may use “cooler” boards, but if you’ve never surfed before in your life, it’s important to choose a surfboard for beginners: choose a longboard that is wide, thick and has a flat rocker.

The time will come when you’ll use a different board. But until then, and if you’d like to learn the correct techniques, consider using a surfboard for beginners.

3. Trust an experienced surf instructor to teach you the basic surfing techniques

There are plenty tutorials to help you learn to surf in Maui on your own. But nothing can compare to having an experienced surfing instructor by your side!

Having someone teach you the right techniques is priceless. Because surfing is a complex sport, it’s important to learn the correct way to stand on your board from your very first try.

4. Ask your instructor about surf ethics when you learn to surf in Maui

Surfing may not be a team sport, but it’s important that you learn to respect fellow surfers.

For instance, respecting the locals is the first thing to keep in mind when you learn to surf in Maui. Stealing someone else’s wave is definitely not recommended! And remember, good surfing ethics imply choosing the right spot for your skills. It’s never OK to venture out in surfing conditions you’re not yet comfortable with.

5. Expect to be sore the next day if this was your first time standing up on a surfboard

Is this going to be your first time surfing in Maui? Then expect to feel sore the next day!

Surfing is a unique experience and if you’re not used to such a “brutal” workout, you’ll probably need to schedule a day of rest after your very first try.

Maui Surf School Tips for Beginners

Booking your first lessons with a reputable Maui surf school is a great idea! Whether you live on the island or plan a quick visit, you should definitely live a true surfing experience.

The first step to learn how to surf is finding a good Maui surf school you can join. Fortunately, our talented surfing instructors are available to teach you the basics of standing straight on a board. But even though anyone can learn how to surf, there are a few tips you should be aware of first.

Here are a few basic tips & tricks you should know about before joining a Maui surf school for the very first time.

Surfing School Maui

Don’t underestimate the time you spend on dry land before learning how to surf

As you may already know, surfing is not just a sport, it’s an art.

Unlike learning how to ride a bike, standing up on a surfboard in the middle of the ocean takes practice. And a good surfing instructor will teach you how to do that on dry land first.

Learning all you can about the basic concepts of surfing is important. In order to maintain your balance and avoid any possible injuries, you need to take your time and practice your surfing techniques away from the ocean waves first.

Everything will be worth it as soon as you touch the water! Once you know the basics of standing and keeping your balance on your board, you’ll be able to become one with the ocean and – who knows! – maybe even catch your very first wave!

Pace yourself – is what your Maui surf school instructors will teach you first

Most people who are learning how to surf are eager to get up on their boards and hit the waves! But pacing yourself is key to learning the proper techniques.

Learning how to surf is exciting and fun, but racing through the Maui surf school lessons will not help you one bit.

Patience is an important trait of any good surfer and, as everyone knows, practice makes perfect. So try not to rush the surf learning process and take your time mastering the art of riding the waves of the ocean.

Choose the right board to learn how to surf and get ready to fall in the water

Did you know using a large board with a soft top is best for a beginner surfer?

Choosing a board that’s comfortable is the best way to learn, even if you’d like to surf like the experts. You’ll get to use a smaller board as well, but allow your Maui surf school instructors teach you how to master a large board first.

Getting ready to fall in the water is also part of your first surfing lessons on Maui. Even if you use a large enough board, you should definitely be prepared to literally, get acquainted with the ocean.

Falling off your board is part of learning how to surf. So don’t get discouraged if you seem to start your lessons with your left foot forward. Learn to love the experience as a whole and get ready to have a blast surfing for the first time in Maui.

Surfing Lesson in Maui: The Right Equipment

Aloha friends, family, and fans! If you are planning on taking surfing lessons in Maui, look no further than Zack Howard Surf. Zack and his company offer the best surfing lessons in Maui by far! If you want to learn to surf on Maui, Zack is only a phone call away.

Zack Howard Surf makes learning to surf on Maui very easy and fun! If you would like to take surf lessons on Maui with Zack Howard, he will provide you with all of the necessary equipment. These include surfboard, leash, and SPF 50 rashguards.

Learn to Surf in Maui #1: Surfboard

The board is your main piece of equipment and the most important tool you will need when you learn to surf on Maui. The board is used for standing on and trimming properly on the waves. Having the right size surfboard is very important! Zack has the best surf school on Maui and a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Learn to Surf in Maui #2: Leash

The leash would be the second most important piece of equipment, it keeps you from losing your surfboard and having to swim all the way in when you fall.

Learn to Surf in Maui #3: Rashguard

The third most important piece of equipment is your rashguard. The rashguard protects your upper body from surfboard rash and also sunburn. If you would like to pick an amazing maui surf school all you have to do is type in!

Tip for the week is Hawaiian roll

Big south swell on it’s way to Maui!! Tip for the week is Hawaiian roll, when caught inside by a big wave, approach the wave head on, and roll your board upside down, pulling your body close to the board, and blowing out of your nose as the whitewater passes over you. When you have cleared the whitewater, roll your board back over and paddle like a mad dog!!